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American Builders Construction Group (CSLB License # 1051529) gathered many talents who have been providing remodeling & new construction services for residential & commercial customers since 15 years ago in Silicon Valley. We have successfully completed countless projects such as kitchen, bathroom, roof, flooring, painting, entire home, room addition, new home, commercial building remodels and new constructions and more to meet each customer’s expectations. We have been focusing all the details to provide maximum customer satisfactions while minimize the time & cost for every project.


Our Founder

Our Founder, Dr. Senquan (Alex) Zhou, is a top Civil Engineering Expert with > 15-years experiences in remodeling & new construction industries and researches. He began his career as a Visiting Scholar/Assistant Professor at University of California, Los Angeles. He is the Only Chinese-American Fellow Appointed by All US Public Companies in 60-year Semiconductor Equipment Industrial History. He has broad knowledge in Structure Analysis, Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Insulation/Control, Materials, Safety, Architecture Design, Cost Reductions etc. which can assist your next successful project.


Why Choose Us?

 We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication and quality handiwork every time.  We have a very good track record of providing great services for our clients. You will see this when you work with us.  We have worked with our customers to produce work we think you'll love. Call us today and bring our project management skills and experience to your next project. 

Customers' Reviews


Paul D., Palo Alto, CA

Mike S., Mountain View, CA

Mike S., Mountain View, CA

It is an amazing Kitchen & Living Room remodeling job done by this incredible company. Both my wife's and my breath are taken many times we walk into our new Kitchen & Living Room. I would highly recommend this company. They did great works and delivered the project on budget and on time. My project was a little different than the typical one. It involved renovations in very uneven sub-floor which was originally built in 50 year ago.  Needless to say, there were a variety of issues we encountered along the way. They were able to handle all of them. In addition, during the course of the project we decided to incorporate heating mates into the flooring which required a lot of additional work. Again, they handled it all with no questions asked even though it added a ton more time and work to the project. The tile flooring came out great eventually. They also installed custom doors and windows, renovated our entire kitchen, fixed our squeaking wood floors, got rid of random electrical issues included adding sockets, fixed an annoying leaking roof, and repainted the whole house. Point is that they handled everything without any major issues. They also took care of a lot quality works even correcting a variety of issues which were not their responsibilities without hesitation or charges. In addition to the quality of work, they were above and beyond attentive. They arrived on time and provided a very reasonable quote in a short period of time. During the course of the project, the boss was available by text anytime we needed him. The manager was also really good about sending pictures of works which were needed our inputs.


Mike S., Mountain View, CA

Mike S., Mountain View, CA

Mike S., Mountain View, CA

My bathroom remodeling was done in a fantastic way by American Builders Construction Group. Our overall experiences with them were very positive and every family member was impressed by their high quality & low cost jobs. After contacting their several competitors beforehand I knew the minute I talked to Alex I was in the right company which I should hire. They were respectful, warm and friendly, very knowledgeable in their professional areas but not pushy. I can't say enough about the two gentlemen who performed my bathroom remodeling works. They were both very skilled which was reflected in the quality of their workmanships. Everything was covered and uncovered at the start and end of each day as well as vacuumed. It was great to work with these two hard working professionals. The boss was visiting me and in contact with me daily to insure the remodeling job was going as schedules. I highly recommend this company and their teams, and you can not find a better team than American Builders Construction Group. Mike S.


Peter T., San Jose, CA

Mike S., Mountain View, CA

Peter T., San Jose, CA

We truly love our new dreamed home! We cannot say how wonderful experiences we are dealing with American Builders Construction Group. From the very beginning, the Business Owner Alex was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the new construction building processes. He was really amazing and went out of his way to assist my wife and I through the construction details. He took the tremendous time to listen to our needs and presented us different options for our considerations. He always went above and beyond, even communicating with us in weekends and on vacation time to ensure to meet our needs. He came up with many changes and excellent designs that we would not have thought of and we used them all. We never felt forced or pressured to make any decision, but we were encouraged to make decisions about our home that we would enjoy. During construction, there have been many times where their staffs have put in extra efforts to ensure that we were satisfied with the design and construction services we were receiving, but this was already evident due to the hard work that was being put into our home. They were more than willing to answer any questions and represented themselves and American Builders Construction Group was in an honest and professional manner. The planning, building construction processes, foundation qualities, finishing qualities were so great mostly due to their excellent efforts. I would highly recommend American Builders Construction Group to anyone who is searching to build a new home. You will be 100% satisfied with their works!

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