American Builders Construction Group----CSLB Lic# 1051529

Job Opening

Construction Worker

American Builders Construction Group is a fast growing residential and commercial construction and remodeling company. We are looking for experienced construction workers with the following requirements:

1. Should have a permission to work in USA. If you are a US Citizen, Permanent Resident or with working permission in US etc, it should be fine.

2. Should have minimum 4-years (48 months) working experiences in California under a California licensed company (should be the “B” classification license) in last 10 years, means your previous (or current) employer(s) (or bosses) should have license(s) issued by The Contractors State License Board. You may accumulate the 4-years (48 months) working experiences under several employers (or bosses). Your previous (or current) employer(s) (or bosses) are willing to provide written evidences to certify your working experiences.

3. If you can not meet requirement No. 2, and you are a self-employed person or by working for anyone who does not hold the “B” classification license, you must also provide 48 months (in last 10 years) of project lists showing the details of the projects you completed during the timeframe show on permitted projects.

Please call 408 898 4833 or email to