American Builders Construction Group----CSLB Lic# 1051529


Jack D., Cupertino, CA


Working with American Builders Construction Group to build a new home was a really a great experience. They deeply understand new home design, building process, risk construction management and cost cutting particularly are intuitive artists to make home really pretty and comfortable. They responded our questions quickly and were willing for adapting every change that we wanted to make along the way with reasonable charges from the change orders. Other people warned us against changes because the costs could be easily escalated, but American Builders Construction Group came with acceptable price. The founder, Dr. Alex Zhou, was a prestigious UCLA Visiting Scholar/Assistant Professor and holds CSLB General Contractor license. He really demonstrated he is a top professional in Civil Engineering through the entire courses of our new home construction. They make it affordable for a young couple to build a home. They highly recommend American Builders Construction Group to anyone who is searching for a contractor for remodeling and building new home. They really can provide you services with High Quality & Low Cost.

Patrick W., San Jose, CA


My experience working with American Builders Construction Group is really great for our Kitchen & Living Room remodeling. When we walked into our new Kitchen & Living Room, both my wife and I did not have breath and were shocked by so fantastic job done. There will be no doubt for us to highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to do Kitchen & Living Room remodeling. They really delivered the project on budget and on time and initially we though it could be over budge or delayed as we changed many designs. My house was very old and it was originally built in 75 year ago.  Off cause, there were many challenges along the way of remodeling course. They figured them out one by one. In the course of the project we decided to add new gas line for our newly added range, they handled it all with no questions asked and we knew that it added a lot of extra jobs for the project. Everything came out great eventually. The customized doors and windows, squeaking wood floors fixing, additional sockets, leaking roof, whole house repaint, all are super excellent and no complain. You will not be disappointed if you have this company for your remodeling work. 

Mia N., San Jose, CA


 Alex and his team was really wonderful construction group. We used  Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin and friends' references to get a contractor for building our new home. We got them in the end. When we met Alex in first time, we learned his team has a lot of experiences in building new homes. He talked to us about the processes in details and everything we needed to do. They also gave us very reasonable quote. Most contractors just want to know your max budget, but not for them. They worked with us patiently to find out what we need to keep us from over spending. They are really with high quality and low cost guys. Professional,Outstanding, First-rate, Specialized.  We have been seeing the professionalism in every phase of the construction. They were always on time and working full steam ahead. We never saw any worker which was not working during entire half year construction period. They made our dream home come true. We want to recommend them to anyone who want to build new home. This is the team you should have for your projects and they have many great things which you can't find very often. They are the best one in town.